Sponsor-a-Student Program

Support one child

At the Young Wizards Club, we believe all children should be able to discover magic regardless of their ability to pay.  We are committed to donating 100% of our profit to subsidizing classes for children who otherwise would not have access to our Discover Magic.

Our goal is to sponsor at least 1,000 children by the year 2020.  With the help of your sponsorship, we hope to reach our stretch goal of 5,000 children. We welcome any donation you can make however small or large.

All supporters of the Sponsor-a-Student program will receive a letter of thanks from our Founders and a special newsletter twice a year with an update on our progress towards our goal.

We are in the process of forming the NY Magic Academy Foundation, a 501-C3 not for profit and we hope to have the approvals of the appropriate Federal and State Government and Tax Authorities by September 2016, allowing us to accept tax deductible donations to the Foundation.

If you would like to donate to the NY Magic Academy at a organizational level, please see our Key to Life Donations page.

If you would like to sponsor a program, please see our Program Sponsorship page.

Sponsor-a-Student Opportunities

Wonder Class - $40 sponsors one (1) student

Unlocking Secrets - Purple Wand Series - $350 sponsors one (1) student

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