About Us

Magic club for kids

Discover The Real Secrets Of Magic

The Young Wizards Club was established in January 2016 and consists of a dedicated group of professional magicians and educators who use magic to teach children life skills to better prepare them for success in their lives and careers.

For centuries the best magicians have learned the secrets of magic from other magicians. Inside the Young Wizards Club that tradition continues as the secrets of a true magician are passed down from magician to young magician.

We have recruited some of the best magicians and educators, each with experience teaching magic to 8 to 12 years old and who have a passion for developing young minds.  Some are established magicians, others have had established careers in Corporate America and have fervent passion for the Art of Magic.  All of our instructors have been trained and certified in the Discover Magic curriculum and all are examples of the eight traits of being a true magician.